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Cigar Rollers Los Angeles: The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Craftsmanship

Cigar aficionados know that the experience of smoking a fine cigar is a luxurious one. It’s not just about the taste, but also about the ritual and the craftsmanship that goes into making each cigar. That’s where Cigar Rollers Los Angeles comes in – a company founded by Katrina that specializes in creating hand-rolled cigars that are both beautiful and delicious.

The History of Cigar Bella Los Angeles

Cigar Bella was founded by Katrina, a woman with a passion for the art of cigar rolling. Katrina learned the craft from her grandfather, who was a master cigar roller in Cuba. She inherited his love for cigars and his dedication to the art of rolling them by hand.
Katrina started rolling cigars as a hobby, but soon realized that there was a demand for high-quality, hand-rolled cigars in Los Angeles. She decided to turn her hobby into a business, and thus Cigar Rollers Los Angeles was born.

The Art of Hand-Rolled Cigars

At Cigar Bella, every cigar is rolled by hand using only the finest quality tobacco leaves. The art of hand-rolling cigars is a centuries-old tradition that requires skill, patience, and a keen eye for detail.

First, the tobacco leaves are selected and sorted according to their quality and flavor. Then, they are moistened and rolled into a cylinder, known as the “bunch.” The bunch is then wrapped in a tobacco leaf, known as the “binder,” and finally, the “wrapper” is added to give the cigar its finished look.

The process of hand-rolling a cigar can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the cigar. But the end result is always a cigar that is perfectly crafted and full of flavor.

Why Choose Cigar Bella Los Angeles?

There are many reasons why cigar aficionados in Los Angeles choose Cigar Bella over other cigar companies. Here are just a few of the reasons:
Quality: At Cigar Rollers Los Angeles, only the highest quality tobacco leaves are used to create each cigar. This ensures that every cigar is flavorful and smooth.
Craftsmanship: The art of hand-rolling cigars is taken very seriously at Cigar Rollers Los Angeles. Each cigar is rolled by hand with care and attention to detail.
Customization: Cigar Bella offers customization options for those who want to create their own unique cigars. Customers can choose the type of tobacco leaves used, the size of the cigar, and even the label that goes on the cigar.
Experience: When you order cigars from Cigar Bella Los Angeles, you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting an experience. The process of hand-rolling cigars is fascinating to watch, and the finished product is a work of art.

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Events and Catering

Cigar Bella LA doesn’t just sell cigars – they also offer event and catering services. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or private party, Cigar Rollers Los Angeles can provide a unique and luxurious experience for your guests.

Their cigar rolling stations are a popular choice for events, where guests can watch as the cigars are rolled by hand. And for those who don’t smoke cigars, Cigar Rollers Los Angeles also offers cigar rolling demonstrations, where guests can learn about the art of cigar rolling.

In addition to their cigar rolling services, Cigar Bella also provides catering options for events. They offer a variety of food and drink options, including appetizers, desserts, and specialty cocktails. Their catering services are customizable, so you can create a menu that is perfect for your event.

The Benefits of Hiring Cigar Rollers Los Angeles for Your Event

If you’re considering hiring Cigar Bella for your next event, here are some of the benefits you can expect:
Luxury: Cigars are a luxury item, and having a cigar rolling station at your event adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.
Entertainment: Watching the cigar rollers at work is an entertaining and fascinating experience for guests. It’s a great way to break the ice and get people talking.
Customization: Cigar Rollers Los Angeles offers customization options for both the cigars and the catering, so you can create a unique experience for your guests.
Memories: A cigar rolling station is a memorable addition to any event. Your guests will remember the experience for years to come.


Cigar Bella LA is a company founded by Katrina that is dedicated to the art of hand-rolling cigars. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every cigar they produce, and their event and catering services offer a unique and luxurious experience for their customers.

Whether you’re a cigar aficionado looking for the perfect smoke or an event planner looking to add a touch of elegance to your next event, Cigar Bella is the perfect choice. Their dedication to the art of cigar rolling and their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from other cigar companies.

So, if you’re looking to experience the art of hand-rolled cigars or add a touch of luxury to your next event, consider Cigar Bella Los Angeles. With their high-quality products and customizable services, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

In addition to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Cigar Bella LA is also dedicated to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. They source their tobacco leaves from ethical and sustainable sources, and they use recycled materials in their packaging and shipping processes.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products increases, it’s important for companies to adapt and make changes. Cigar Bella is leading the way in this regard, showing that it’s possible to create high-quality products while also being environmentally conscious.

In conclusion, Cigar Bella is a company founded by Katrina that is dedicated to the art of hand-rolling cigars. Their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability sets them apart from other cigar companies. Whether you’re looking to experience the art of hand-rolled cigars or add a touch of luxury to your next event, Cigar Rollers Los Angeles is the perfect choice.

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