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Why should you enroll in a cigar making class?

Cigar rolling/making is a very popular art, with its roots deep into human history. It’s speculated that the first cigars were prepared during the 10th Century BCE by the Ancient Mayans. While there are some remnants of the old ways, the process is a lot more complex and accurate in modern days. In fact, now you can enter a cigar making class to learn how to create and prepare your own cigars!

What’s the role of a cigar making class?

When you enroll in a cigar making class, the main focus is to learn about cigars, but also figure out the right means to prepare them. You get to study the process, understand how to create the best cigars, but also identify unique ways to enhance your cigars and make them stand out.

In addition, a cigar making class will help you build up confidence when preparing cigars. It allows you to master the basics, and then you can adapt/adjust or experiment to create something spectacular. What’s great about a cigar making class is that anyone can try it. Not only that, cigar making can be a great skill to use every day for yourself.

What can you learn during the Cigar Bella cigar making class?

Preparing great cigars requires a lot of knowledge, time, and commitment. That’s why cigar classes are very helpful. We cover everything from selecting the right tobacco leaves to picking the best rolling techniques that fit your needs. Then, we focus on binding and wrapping, along with cutting and sealing your cigars.

Moreover, your cigar making class will also focus on how to store your cigars and the proper aging process. Learning more about the cigar aging process and how you can allow them to mature can truly make an amazing difference. It will help you create and store some amazing cigars. That’s why such a class is extremely important if you’re very passionate about cigars in general.

A cigar making class is very unique and engaging with your guests/clients. It truly is an amazing art and is very delicate to make. This is why Cigar Bella is the best at teaching you how to make a perfect cigar. These classes are very informational and fun! They also get booked up quickly due to the high demand. It is highly suggested to book them a minimum of 2 weeks in advance especially during peak season which is spring through fall.

Choose Cigar Bella for the best cigar making classes

Cigar Bella is a company that provides an extraordinary live cigar rolling service in Las Vegas. We offer a multitude of cigar options from a plethora of cigar brands, and our services are provided by master cigar rollers. With our cigar making class, you can finally learn the ins and outs of making cigars and preparing them at the highest level.
If you’re looking for an efficient, comprehensive, and immersive cigar making class, don’t hesitate and contact us today. We have a limited amount of seats per class, so contact us right away to safeguard your spot. Plus, if you have any questions about cigar making or need to book master cigar rollers, we are also here to assist!

Cigar Bella has the best cigar rollers in the area that make hand-rolled cigars. To book an event with them please do directly to their Instagram page and also check out their most recent gallery of events. You will not regret hiring their cigar roller for any type of special event you have.

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cigar making class
cigar making class