How to Smoke a Cigar

Do you know how to really smoke a Cigar? It is not going to produce that thick, white smoke right after first few drags. Have patience and learn to do it the right way.
May 3, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

A Celebration Can Be Far More Special With Cigar Bella!

Backed by direct, hands-on experience spanning over 15 years, Cigar Bella is here to make each and every event of yours a lifetime memory for the guests! Call in professional cigar rollers for live sessions, now!
April 29, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

Cigar Rollers for Corporate Events

Cigar Bella’s professional cigar rollers for corporate events set up live professional cigar bars to entertain your guests, and treat them with rich and aromatic stoggies that go perfectly well with a glass of red wine! They cater to services in LA, California as well as in Middle-east and Asia.
April 20, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

Hire Professional Cigar Rollers for Events and Private Parties

Cigar rolling is an art that needs revival. By savouring the services of Cigar Bella, one is not choosing a path less travelled to entertain the guests but also reviving the lost art in a wonderful way.
April 11, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

Female Cigar Rolling in USA, Middle-east and Asia

Forget the cliched programmers in your parties or events to entertain your guests. Instead set up live cigar bars with a separate female cigar rolling team for special events. They would not only demonstrate the whole process but would also enable the guests to try their hand at the art.
April 6, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

Innovative—Try Cigar Bella’s Amazing Services; Make Any Event Special

Try Cigar Bella for an innovative experience of watching the entire cigar-rolling process at one’s wedding party or any other occasion. Known to be a part of tradition, there’s nothing more special than celebrating an event with wine on one hand and cigar on the other.
April 5, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

Why Hiring Professional Cigar Rollers for a Special Occasion is an Awesome Idea

Any event or occasion can be made amazing by introducing live cigar bars by professionals. These not only entertain your guests but also educate them on the whole process of cigar-rolling. Besides, they get to smoke fresh cigars as well!
March 30, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA

4 Reasons to Introduce Live Cigar Rolling Session At The Next Corporate Party

There may be various fun events that can be incorporated in a corporate party. However, nothing can be as intriguing and different than introducing a live cigar rolling session with the opportunity for the guests as well to roll cigars with their own hands
March 11, 2016/by ARJUN SHARMA