How to Smoke a Cigar

Not everyone is a cigar expert, and unless you’ve smoked a couple of cigars before, you are bound to make some honest mistakes. Well, let’s be honest; smoking cigars is a difficult task. Of course, on the surface level, it seems pretty simple as you light the end that isn’t exactly in your mouth, and suck on the end of it. But in reality, it is not that easy.
Hence, to help you make a plunge and seem like you truly know what you’re doing, here are some quick tips on how to smoke a cigar appropriately.

1. Pick the Right Cigar:

Most importantly, before you do anything else, get acquainted with the different types of the cigars. You can also take help from the salesman while picking your preferable type of cigar. Just go for something mild cigar at first. Investigate the cigar thoroughly. Gently squeeze it to check if there are any lumps and soft spots.
Once you’ve found the ideal pair of cigars, you are good to buy. Wrap them safely or, if you have got a box, store them carefully.

2. Cut the Cigar:4 Ways to Smoke a Cigar to Perfection

Before you light it, you have to cut the end of the cigar. You can do it with a sharp knife or blade. Avoid using dull scissors, your teeth or butter knife as it tears cigar. For best results, clip the end off with a brisk and solid motion. This will help you avoid tearing, and ultimately lead to a superior smoking experience.

3. Light up The Cigar:

You’ve got a plenty of options here but torch lighter and wooden matches are ideal as they won’t change the flavor. Whatever you choose, start by holding the cigar in your hands and setting the tip above the flame. Turn it around as you light to ensure you get an even smolder, and once you can see a touch of an orange sparkle, you’re ready to puff.

4. Smoke The Cigar:

Hold the cigar up to your mouth and draw in the smoke and start puffing. Try not to breathe in the smoke, simply hold it in your mouth for a few moments to taste it and after that release it. Once the cigar is adequately lit,it will blaze all alone for some time, so consistent puffing is pointless.
You can continue doing it once in every minute to keep it lit and enjoy the flavor of the smoke.

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