How to Smoke a Cigar

Not everyone is a cigar expert, and unless you’ve smoked a couple of cigars before, you are bound to make some honest mistakes. Well, let’s be honest; smoking cigars is a difficult task. Of course, on the surface level, it seems pretty simple as you light the end that isn’t exactly in your mouth, and suck on the end of it. But in reality, it is not that easy.
Hence, to help you make a plunge and seem like you truly know what you’re doing, here are some quick tips on how to smoke a cigar appropriately.

1. Pick the Right Cigar:

Most importantly, before you do anything else, get acquainted with the different types of the cigars. You can also take help from the salesman while picking your preferable type of cigar. Just go for something mild cigar at first. Investigate the cigar thoroughly. Gently squeeze it to check if there are any lumps and soft spots.
Once you’ve found the ideal pair of cigars, you are good to buy. Wrap them safely or, if you have got a box, store them carefully.

2. Cut the Cigar:4 Ways to Smoke a Cigar to Perfection

Before you light it, you have to cut the end of the cigar. You can do it with a sharp knife or blade. Avoid using dull scissors, your teeth or butter knife as it tears cigar. For best results, clip the end off with a brisk and solid motion. This will help you avoid tearing, and ultimately lead to a superior smoking experience.

3. Light up The Cigar:

You’ve got a plenty of options here but torch lighter and wooden matches are ideal as they won’t change the flavor. Whatever you choose, start by holding the cigar in your hands and setting the tip above the flame. Turn it around as you light to ensure you get an even smolder, and once you can see a touch of an orange sparkle, you’re ready to puff.

4. Smoke The Cigar:

Hold the cigar up to your mouth and draw in the smoke and start puffing. Try not to breathe in the smoke, simply hold it in your mouth for a few moments to taste it and after that release it. Once the cigar is adequately lit,it will blaze all alone for some time, so consistent puffing is pointless.
You can continue doing it once in every minute to keep it lit and enjoy the flavor of the smoke.

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Cigar rolling sessions can liven up the atmosphere in a manner that you never thought was possible. Yes, you can spend a fortune on numerous other activities to entertain your guests but we bet if there is anything else that can effectively replace the joy and excitement that professional live cigar rollers bring in to any celebration. Cigar Bella Services for Events
We at Cigar Bella, have been providing live cigar rolling services for all kind of events for a very long time now. From Middle East and Asia to New York City and Los Angeles in the United States, we are in a position to provide these services even on short notice!

Why Cigar Lovers Prefer Cigar Bella Over the Rest

The answer is pretty simple. It is because of our expertise and finesse that people who love cigars for most part of their lives, choose to avail event services of Cigar Bella. We draw out expertise from Cuban masters!
From our experience, people who hire us once, come back to us time and again every few years. In total, we have 1.5 decades of direct, hands on experience in organizing cigar rolling sessions all across the globe.

We’ve Got Your Back

Regardless of the kind of even that you are hosting, we’d be able to provide our cigar rolling services everywhere! It could be a fundraiser, a birthday party, a wedding or a corporate event; our professional cigar rollers are ever ready to serve you anywhere in Middle East, Asia, Los Angeles (CA) or NYC. You can all in anytime and speak to one of our cordial client relationship managers. We are more than willing to have a no-obligation discussion on how cigar rolling services and why your guests would totally love it!!

Driven by Passion

If you love cigars, you’d agree that people like us are driven by passion before anything else. It is perhaps due to this reason that we’ve been able to cater to thousands of events all across Middle East, United States and Asia. We have met countless cigar lovers and spent time entertaining just as many!

Do You Need Male or Female Cigar Rollers in Particular?

Well, that’s not a problem. In certain cases, hosts want either male or female cigar rollers at their events. We make all necessary arrangements in advance and ensure that such specific requirements are always met.
Call today! Let’s get started.

Cigar Rollers for Corporate Events

Are you in charge of hosting the next corporate party for your office? Will it be attended by all the important clients and customers? If yes, it’s definitely got to be grand and large. So, instead of trying out the tried-and-tested (and, monotonous) methods of entertaining your guests, it is time to try out something different, something unique and stylish. Yes; we are talking about hiring cigar rollers for corporate events.Cigar Rollers for Corporate Events Los Angeles, CA
Backed with an experience of more than 15 years, Cigar Bella is definitely the topmost choice when it comes to setting up live cigar bars in not only Los Angeles, California but everywhere around USA, Middle-East and Asia.
Want to know what is so special about cigars that you would include a live cigar bar in your upcoming corporate event to entertain your guests? Read on the points below:

1. Cigar has an ancient association with celebration and enjoyment:

Since times immemorial, cigars have been associated with celebrations of all kinds: be it someone’s graduation party, a baby shower or even a celebratory meet of business partners. Hence, including a live cigar bar at your corporate event would add in doze of creative, and make your party not only better than the rest but also unique in its own simple way.

2. There’s nothing better than smoking freshly rolled Cuban cigars while sipping on to delectable red wine:

It is a well-established truth that red wine and aromatic cigars go best with each other. So, why don’t you make your guests enjoy this delectable combination by putting up live cigar bars where Cigar Bella’s eminent and well-trained staff would hand-roll each and every cigar for your guests? Sounds interesting, right?

3. Cigar Bella’s trained professional cigar rollers have mastered this art from a Cuban maestro:

The best thing about us is that our team of professional cigar rollers has mastered this amazing art of hand-rolling a cigar from a Cuban maestro. Besides, we always use 100% genuine products so that you get to savour not only rich stoggies but also aromatic ones that go great with every mood of yours.

4. Not simply hand-rolling the cigars, but demonstrating the whole process:

The best thing about us is that we do not simply hand-roll the cigars but also demonstrate the whole process just for you. In this way, we not only take a stance at reviving this ancient and intricate art but also entertain your guests in a whole new way. And, if your guest wants, he or she can even try a hand at hand-rolling their own cigars!

Hire Professional Cigar Rollers for Events and Private Parties

Be it a charity event or a birthday party or a wedding party, any private event seems absolutely mundane without a generous dose of celebration and mirth. But, does that mean you need to fall back on the tried-and-tested fun games and laughter shows always? Not necessarily; especially when you have eminent professional cigar rollers, like Cigar Bella, at your service always.Cigar Rolling Events & Private Parties
Since times immemorial, cigar rolling has been considered to be an art. And, not everyone can roll a cigar with the perfect precision and style. However, things are quite different with us—Cigar Bella. We offer you with an array of services that are surely going to mesmerize your guests and make your event or party a huge success.
So, why have professional cigar rollers or cigar bars at your event? Read on to know more:

1. Cigars have been associated with celebration since ages.

Unlike cigarettes, cigars have always been associated with celebration, with fun and mirth and with everything amazing. And, in earlier times, every occasion would be incomplete without smoking on to fresh stoggies. So, by putting up cigar bars by professional cigar rollers, like Cigar Bella, you are simply bringing back the lost tradition of smoking cigars.

2. Cigars are not cigarettes; they are a piece of art.

Unlike cigarettes, which are made absolutely mechanically, cigars are always hand-rolled with precision and expertise. Besides, not everyone can hand-roll a cigar. So, by setting up a cigar bar, and demonstrating the whole process, you are simply aiding to reviving a lost art!

3. Let your guests take part in the fun as well.

Eminent cigar rollers, like Cigar Bella, not only demonstrate the whole process with step-by-step explanations but they also allow your guests to try a hand at cigar rolling as well. Imagine how wonderful it’ll feel to smoke cigars freshly wrapped by none but yourself!

4. No matter whether it is a destination event or an in-house one, the eminent professional cigar rollers shall be there in no time.

The best part of dealing with good, professional cigar rollers, like Cigar Bella, is they cater to your services irrespective of where you are. Whether you have a destination event in LA or NYC or you are located in Asia or the Middle-east, the professional cigar rollers shall be there to make your evening amazing without delay.
So, hire professional cigar rollers now and experience a lifetime event filled with fun and gaiety.

Female Cigar Rolling in USA, Middle-east and Asia

Are you all geared up for hosting a great baby shower event or any other event that would require female-only teams for hosting fun events? If yes; don’t walk on the path travelled by all, and make way for cliched games and programmers. Instead, why don’t you simply have a great live cigar bar at your event?Female Cigar Rollers
Now, cigars have a vivid history with no celebration being fulfilled without smoking aromatic cigars. So, give your event a different touch, and savour the services of professional live cigar rollers, like Cigar Bella. Eminent cigar rollers have female cigar rolling team as well to cater for special events and functions.
If you find this idea of having a cigar bar at your private party, read on to know how invigorating and fun it can be:

1. It is not simply a take-away cigar bar.

Well, cigar bars are a bit different than the other alcoholic bars for all the cigars, especially those by the eminent professional cigar rollers like Cigar Bella, are especially hand-rolled right in front of your guests. Yes; your guests get a demonstration of the entire process with a step-by-step explanation of the same!

2. How about rolling your own cigars, and smoking onto the freshly self-rolled, aromatic cigars?

To make the process lively, the cigar rollers continuously ask you to try a hand at it. In this way, you not only get to understand the whole process, take a dip into archaic traditions and make yourself an aromatic stoggy!

3. Cigars with red wine are a deadly combination.

Well, many of you may think why cigars when you may have a separate smoking zone and smoke onto pipes or cigarettes? Well, although you may settle for the latter, nothing is going to give you the immense satisfaction that smoking on to freshly hand-rolled cigar while sipping onto red wine can. Try it out yourself to find the truth!

4. Cigar bars are fun though not clichés at parties and events:

In this modern age, smoking on to cigars at parties is absolute fun. But what’s more is the fact that live cigar bars have not yet become cliched. So, by putting up live cigar bars at your event or private party, you are in a position to

Innovative—Try Cigar Bella’s Amazing Services; Make Any Event Special

Gone are the days when one would only have regular chats and games at birthday parties, trade-shows or even weddings. Nowadays, the guests as well as the hosts search for something extra that would make their shows or parties or even wedding different and aloof from the rest.
If you are looking for that something extra which would not only entertain and wow your guests but also enlighten them about something absolutely new and wonderful, feel free to call us. We are Cigar Bella, one of the premier teams of professional cigar rollers around.Cuban Cigar Rolling Services
Cuban Cigar Rolling Services is a profound art that has been prevalent since centuries. Any great occasions in the past would simply be nothing without a stoggie in hand. But will it fit in this generation as well? Read on to know more:

1. The guests are always looking out for something extra.

Gone are the days when the guests will be satisfied with some music, magic shows and/or some lectures. These bore the guests to a great extent. So, if you want to serve them with some extra and innovative fun, try having a live cigar bar! Fun, innovating, creative as well as educating: these cigar rolling bars as enjoyed by people of all age-groups, as well!

2. Cigars have been associated with Celebration and Mirth since ages.

Cigars have a great history; and, since times immemorial, no one could really think of spending a cherishing moment without smoking on to cigars. Although you seldom get proper hand-rolled cigars nowadays, thanks to the professional cigar rollers around, it is very much possible to have aromatic hand-rolled cigars at parties and other special events. We, at Cigar Bella, have mastered the art of rolling cigars from eminent Cuban master. So, whenever you deal with us, be rest assured of getting perfectly aromatic stoggies freshly rolled right in front of you.

3. Cigar-rolling is an art that needs revival.

By having live cigar bars at your party or event, you are not only entertaining your guests but also making an effort to revive a wonderful yet lost art. What’s more, if you are appointing us, we make sure to educate the guests on the whole process as we demonstrate it. And, if your guests want to have a hand at rolling cigars themselves, they are most welcome! After all, what’s more fun than smoking on to aromatic Cuban cigars rolled to perfection by oneself!

Why Hiring Professional Cigar Rollers for a Special Occasion is an Awesome Idea

Are you getting married next month and still pondering over the fun events at the reception party? Well, you may go the old, cliched way and chart events that are way too common and boring. Or, you may as well go “traditional” and call for events that are quite exciting and intriguing to the modern people.Hiring Professional Cigar Rollers
How about hosting a cigar rolling session at your own wedding reception? Well, as we all know, cigar rolling is an intricate art, and no occasion is literally fulfilled without smoking a stoggie. So, instead of just providing good cigars to your guests, you may as well call for professional live cigar rollers.
In this article, we have tried to find out certain ways hiring professional cigar rollers can be fun and unique—

1. Cigar-rolling is a dying art, and by demonstrating the whole process, you are simply helping the art to revive.

The art of cigar rolling is exquisitely intricate and stunning. It is a process worth seeing and appreciating. So, why go for all the clichéd events when you can have something extraordinary at pocket-friendly rates? Professional cigar rollers like Cigar Bella cater to such services across the USA, Asia, Europe and Middle East. So, no matter where you are, you can make your wedding lovely and unique by savouring their services.

2. Cigar is associated with festivity and fun.

Traditionally, unlike cigarettes, cigars have always been a symbol of fun, frolic and festivities. You may as well revive this grand tradition at your wedding or any special occasion and wow your guests by serving them with freshly rolled cigars!

3. Freshly rolled cigars are a class by themselves.

Nothing can beat the fun you get by smoking freshly rolled aromatic stoggies while sipping on to exquisite wine! And, when rolling is concerned, nothing can beat our expertise in rolling a cigar. We have mastered this art from a Cuban maestro, and have an experience spanning over a period of 15 long years. So, when you deal with us, you can always expect the best service.

4. Because live professional cigar rollers not only demonstrate but educate as well.

Eminent professional live cigar rollers like us make sure we not only plainly demonstrate the whole process of cigar rolling but also educate your guests on the process, the history of cigar rolling and so on. In fact, if you want, you may also try a hand with us, and smoke fresh stoggies rolled by you!