• 4 Reasons to Introduce Live Cigar Rolling Session At The Next Corporate Party•

Looking forward to add some spark to the next office party? Well, corporate The Next Corporate Partyparties are quite boring, to say the least, with everyone talking either about the stock market or about the business trends. Hence, addition of something fun yet intriguing can be quite amazing.
If you are planning to introduce such a fun event to the programme, why not introduce a Cigar Rolling Session? And, if you are looking for the perfect Cigar Rollers around, nothing can beat the expertise of Cigar Bella.
Cigar rolling is a something beyond just a fun event. It is an ancient art that is wearing away with time. Cigar Bella aims at preserving this ancient art form, and likewise, do not only hold live cigar rolling sessions but also educate the attendees about the same.

Wondering why Cigar Rolling of all fun things? Read on to know more:

1. Because it is an ancient art:

Unlike cigarettes, a cigar is a sign of the royal. Likewise, the best cigar is never machine-made. The experts hand-roll the cigars with the perfect dosage of tobacco and make it strong and aromatic.

2. Because live experience of such an art is inexplicably fun and intriguing:

Well, many people may love cigar but how many people do have the pleasure of watching them being rolled, especially in modern cities? Cigar Bella provides everyone with this opportunity. What’s more, if one desires, he or she may even take a hand in rolling the cigars themselves! Imagine the pleasure of hand-rolling a cigar and smoking the aromatic bit—it’s absolutely priceless and one-of-a-kind experience.

3. Because Cigar Bella’s experts have learnt the art from the Cuban Masters:

Now, everyone is well aware of the expertise of the Cubans at handcrafting a cigar. The best thing about Cigar Bella is that we have mastered this art from a Cuban genius. Hence, when hiring us, you can be rest assured of showcasing the detailed, intricate and original procedure to your guests.

4. Because cigar rolling is a traditional way of having fun:

Vintage party themes are en vogue. If that is so, you can as well introduce vintage programmes that were quite famous at parties, wedding ceremonies and such events. In earlier times, displaying a cigar rolling procedure was quite a thing. You can as well bring it back now, and have your guests enjoy this traditional art form while tapping their feet to music.