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It is a well established truth that not many combinations provide as much ecstasy as the combination of cigar and champagne. Be it a wedding party or a celebratory birthday party or any other fun event, having freshly rolled cigars along with sparkling champagne simply lends a magical touch to the ambience.
And, if the cigar is made by a learned craftsman like the cigar rollers from Cigar Bella, the intensity reaches to a whole new level.
Many of you may be wondering what’s so special about a cigar; and, why can a cigarette/pipe not ‘replace’ the cigar? Here’s furnishing you with top reasons a cigar has been finding its way to every posh function and event since ages—
Smoking cigar is deeply rooted in our tradition; cigar rolling is an art
Be it our cultural history or social, smoking cigar has always been associated with something refined, customary and elite. It is specifically this tradition that has passed on for generations in the form of exquisitely hand-rolled cigars that people smoke during celebrations and joyous events. We, at Cigar Bella, aim at preserving this tradition, and present you with freshly hand-rolled and aromatic cigars always.
Cigar means celebration
Be it a birthday celebration or a wedding or any corporate event or even a birth of a child, with cigars in hand, the celebration reaches a whole new level of mirth and happiness. After all, according to tradition, cigars refer to success and milestones in life.
So, celebrate your special day with us by calling over our experienced cigar roller at your service, today! We service all of United States, and Asia.
The escape and relaxation it provides is unparallel to any
You may be from New York or Los Angeles, or from any other place, after a hectic day no drink or smoke can provide you with the relaxation that a freshly rolled and affectionately made cigar can. That’s why we say ‘cigar rolling’ is nothing short of an art.
The brilliant flavour along with the sensational aroma is termed by many as a form of purgation of soul, meditation or even a retreat. And, if you are looking for that amazing blended, hand rolled and freshly aromatic cigar, Cigar Belle is your place to be!
Those amazing flavours are absolutely natural
All you need to craft the perfect cigar are some wood and leaves—that’s it! The best part of it is your cigar is completely organic. Besides, these ingredients, if aged properly, crafts up some of the most amazing cigars in the world. This, when complimented with flavours like dark chocolate and red wine or with notes of nutmeg and black coffee, makes your life simply grand.
We have mastered in the art of rolling cigars for clients in LA, NYC, Asia and Middle-east, simply call us now to savour the taste of best hand-rolled cigars ever.

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